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Get to know the Alkaline Diet, Don't Get Wrong

Alkaline diet is a diet method that focuses on reducing the consumption of foods that produce acid in the body. Although this diet is often claimed to be healthy, but there are some important things you need to understand about this diet. The theory states that some types of food can increase the acidity of the body, thus triggering a variety of health problems, ranging from weight gain, arthritis, to acne. Conversely, some foods can make the body more alkaline considered to be able to overcome health problems caused by increased body acidity. Understanding the Application of the Alkaline Diet In practice, the alkaline diet focuses on limiting the consumption of a type of food, and focuses on efforts to reduce body acid levels. To achieve this goal, there are several things that must be considered when undergoing this type of diet, namely: Types of foods that are allowed When following an alkaline diet, you are advised to consume various types of grains, nuts, fruits and veget
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Learn How to Shrink Chubby Cheeks Here

There are various ways to reduce chubby cheeks, ranging from frequent chewing gum, doing facial exercises, through plastic surgery, such as a face lift or liposuction. Want to know more about how to shrink those chubby cheeks? Come, see the following review. Chubby cheeks do give the impression of being adorable. But for some people, having round cheeks can also reduce self-confidence because it is considered to give the impression that he looks fat. Chubby cheeks can be caused by several things, such as genetic factors, being overweight or obese, lack of sleep, and the accumulation of body fluids (edema) due to certain diseases. How to Shrink Chubby Cheeks Naturally Some womenfolk choose to use outward makeup to disguise chubby cheeks. But besides that, shrinking the cheeks can also be done through the methods below: 1. Facial exercises The first way to shrink chubby cheeks is with facial exercises. Regular facial exercises are believed to tighten facial muscles, disguise the

Benefits of Cauliflower Turns Not as Pale as the Color

Although it does not have a fresh and attractive color like other types of vegetables, the benefits of cauliflower are numerous. These pale vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as the benefits that can nourish your body. Cauliflower has antioxidants, fiber, potassium, isothiocyanate (including sulfur compounds) and folic acid which is quite high. This content that can help prevent various diseases, as well as repair and help the growth of body tissues. Various Benefits of Cauliflower In addition to the various nutritional content and benefits above, cauliflower still has a range of other benefits that can make you want to eat it immediately, such as: Lose weight If you want to have a lean body or have a healthy weight, cauliflower can be the solution. With a high fiber content, cauliflower is the right choice for your diet. Reducing the risk of cancer Not only broccoli can help you reduce your risk of cancer, cauliflower also contains nutrients needed t